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Ncsa Personal Statement Girls Basketball

Personal Statement

My name is Cheyenne Mapes and I will be graduating in 2021 from Stockton High School.  I currently play 14u Basketball for the Midwest Wildcats, Varsity and JV Basketball for Stockton High School,  Volleyball for Stockton High School and will be participating in Track and Field in the Spring.  I am an Assistant Coach for our 3rd and 4th grade boy's basketball program.  I am a good student and my academics are very important to me.  Currently I am considering a college major of criminology/forensic science/psychology.  I am looking forward to High School and competing in Basketball, Volleyball, Student Government/Leadership and continuing to coach younger athletes.

I want to find the best blend of academic excellence and high level basketball to pursue my goals and dreams.  This is a beginning to my personal statement,  please check back as I will be updating my profile and personal statement to reflect updates and accomplishments.

Thank You for your time.

Personal Statement

When I started to write this personal statement, it came out too ordinary and not what I wanted to say. Instead of explaining my goals and achievements, I want to tell you about what I truly believe in:

  1. I believe that challenging myself in the classroom will lead to greater opportunities in the future.
  2. I believe in strong leadership and that a good leader brings out the best in others.
  3. I believe that sore legs and a tired mind are a sign of improvement.
  4. I believe obstacles can focus my mind and give me strength to achieve my goals.
  5. I believe that pain and sweat just make me stronger as a player and leader.
  6. I believe that there is something that should be learned from everyone, no matter what age and where they come from.
  7. I believe that frustration just leads to determination.
  8. I believe that if I keep working hard the rewards will come.
  9. I believe that people should be themselves and no one else.
  10. I believe that courage can make a big difference.

I am sure that over time my list of beliefs will be different, but as of now, this is how I feel. I have also decided to share this poem that I wrote in the spring of 2015. It provides a good summary of how I face fear:

The question is,

What are we all fighting against?

Are we fighting against people, words, or hatred?

All of these are wrong for we are all fighting one thing,


Fear of being the one goat on the mountain.

Fear of being the last fish in the sea.

Fear of being lost all alone.

Everyone fights fear, but

We can choose to let it consume us,

Turn us into nothing


We can embrace it.

Let it turn us into something no one has ever seen before,


We all have our greatness inside of us,

But only a couple of us lost souls find our way back again

To the mountain of fear.

That is when we fight,

Either through a tunnel,

Or simply just climbing over the top

With grazed knees and broken bones.

And that is where we choose our path,

We stop at the mountain


We climb to the other side

Where all the dreamers finally reach their goal.

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