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Essay On Superstitions And Its Consequences Of Plagiarism

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I would like to add a little to above answers with due respect to the answerers.

There are various reasons which lead the learners to plagiarism: lacking of creativity, over reliance on memorizing, a large class consisting too many students to handle each individual particularly, practice of only intensive or limited readings inside and outside the class etc.

Plagiarism, nonetheless, is a hindrance to a student's own creativeness which resists the student learning to form his or her own opinion. This overshadows the development of the imagination power, the ability to think. Plagiarism is one kind of theft, because, here, you are pilfering other's work and giving it your name. There is no credit in plagiarizing nor it helps the students learn something in the real sense. Students are becoming just copy-cats.

The educators or teachers must deal with plagiarism with great sensitivity in the class. They can take following steps: 1) Can motivate learners to read extensively. 2) Can take open book exams. Thus, students will be encouraged to read the texts first rather being dependent on online guides or critiques. 3) Can give tasks that comprise open-ended questions. 4) Can divide the classroom into groups, and by taking bits and sentences from each group, make a whole paragraph or essay. All students need to write their very own sentences there. 5) Students must be informed in the first class that, quotes must be used if sources are taken from outside directly. The educators should teach them not to use long quotations, instead small phrases or words. It will help in minimizing the fear of the learners regarding quotations. 6) If students use any website, they should give the source as reference. For this purpose, they can be taught about how to write in an M.L.A or an A.P.A style. This will be essential while preparing any long assignment or research paper. 7) The educator can, at first, inform the learners that marks or grades would be deducted for plagiarism, and if any student, still, plagiarize, can be given lower grades than others. This should be done to establish an example.

Thus, handling tactfully, educators can protest against plagiarism, and make the students write their essays or answers on their own.

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