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Teejay Level 3 Homework Answers


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–eneray xenson ooe an xenson uzzes sou e aempe y pupsas on-going problem-solving scheme, where possible linked to present topic,previous topic studied or independent of any specific topic.Written word problemsare

a key feature of each TJ Chapter. They should be developed along with gamesbased learning, Glasgow Problem Solving and the Problem Solving in Actionintractive resource.


–Homework is provided through Teejay Publishing booklet “Level D Homework”.Most exercises in the textbook have a linked homework exercise. These should beused for consolidation of class work or providing those pupils who have reason tobe absent from class lessons a means of covering missed work.–The booklets provide an excellent resource for revision at home prior to classtests and a means for parents to keep track of class work.–Most homework exercises should be completed by all pupils during the course ofthe session.

Checking H’Work

Teachers need not mark homework, but


ensure that :-(a)a quick check be made that h’work is recorded in diary(b)a quick check to establish it has been attempted(c)homework is corrected by pupil or neighbour each day(d)difficulties arising are addressed promptly by teacher(e)regular checks are made of setting/neatness/accuracy.

Time Allocation

–The time allocation for each topic should be adhered to as closely as possible(some flexibility built in)

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