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Ap Psychology Essay Questions Memory

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Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

The "magic number" __________ represents the average number of "bits" of information that short-term memory can usually handle.

The tendency for prior learning to inhibit recall of later learning is called

Things that are heard are held as a brief __________ in the sensory register.

Twenty years after graduating, a subject is able to correctly identify photographs of students she attended high school with from a larger group of strangers. To do so she has used

Memories outside of conscious awareness are called

The image that persists for about one-half second after being seen is a(n)

Cue-dependent (or context dependent) theories of memory suggest that you would do best on your chemistry test if you could be tested

The part of the brain that functions as a "switching station" between the STM and LTM is the

The fact that a bodily state that exists during learning can be a strong cue for later memory is known as

__________ concentrates on the meaning of information you want to remember.

Criticism of recovered memories has centered on the fact that

Transforming incoming information into a usable form is the stage of memory called

Helen has a six-month "gap" in her memories of grade school. Her "gap" corresponds to the period immediately after her father's death. Helen's memory loss is most likely accounted for by

Memories of historical facts are to __________ memory, as memories of your breakfast this morning are to __________ memory.

The storage capacity of long-term memory is best described as

The definition of memory is that it is an active system that receives, organizes, and

Psychologists have concluded that long-term memories fall into the following two categories:

Decay theories of memory loss seem to be most appropriate for

Essay questions tend to be more difficult than multiple choice because with an essay question,

The first step in placing information into memory storage is

An intelligence test for adults frequently has a general knowledge section which tests for

The process of holding information in memory is referred to as

Recoding, chunking, and rehearsal are especially important for the improvement of

The improvement of memory to truly exceptional levels involves

Working memory is associated with which of the following?

__________ determines what information moves from sensory memory to short-term memory.

Students often assume that because they can answer all the study questions once, they have sufficiently prepared for a test. This mistaken attitude overlooks the importance of __________ for improving memory.

__________ refers to the fading of memory traces from short-term memory.

The major problem with using hypnosis in police work is

Eidetic imagery is found more often in

A mail clerk has to rearrange mailboxes in a student dormitory and for a few days has difficulty sorting the mail. This illustrates

__________ primarily keeps memories active in short-term memory.

Which of the following determines what information moves from sensory memory to short-term memory?

When students who go to graduate school have to brush up on a foreign language they learned before, they find it easier the second time around. This illustrates

Organizing information into larger units as a way of improving the efficiency of short-term memory is called

Which of the following is true of short-term memory?

Information is remembered without explicit cues or stimuli, often verbatim in

State dependent learning is a term which refers to the fact that

Remembering the first and last items of a list better than items in the middle is due to

Which of the following can help to create false memories?

Consolidation refers to the

Procedural memory would be affected by damage to the

Which of the following would be an example of short-term memory?

According to the interference theory of forgetting,

Which of the following is true of rehearsal of information?

__________ memory is that part of long-term memory containing factual information.

Evolutionary explanations for the efficiency of memory argue

The kind of memory that lasts for only a second or two is

When new learning disrupts the ability to recall past, stored information, __________ has been said to occur.

__________ is known for memorizing nonsense syllables and plotting a curve of forgetting.

Which term refers to the observation that we alter memories by filling in gaps or by adding new information?

When a person fills in gaps in memory with logic the process is called

"Flashbulb" memories, which are vivid, lasting images of events associated with personal tragedy, may be produced in part by

As new memories are formed, older memories are often __________.

The correct order for the three stages of memory is

Let's say you have a friend, Harriet, who is having trouble memorizing information for an anatomy class. The simplest and most helpful thing you could do would be to explain __________ to her.

An area of the brain of particular importance for memory storage is the

The memory system used for relatively permanent storage of meaningful information is called __________ memory.

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