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Homework Assignment Template Printable

Classroom Homework Charts Introduction

Inspire your students to complete and turn in their homework by using our printable homework charts in your classroom. These homework charts work especially well with students who are reluctant to do homework or have a tendency to forget to turn it in.

Selecting a Homework Chart for your Students

When selecting a homework chart, consider whether you want to track homework for one subject or many subjects. If you want to track homework for a single subject, use a homework chart that requires five repetitions, one for each day of the week Monday through Friday. If you want to track homework for several subject areas, choose one of the weekly homework charts which looks more like a calendar grid and has space for days of the week as well as headings at the top for each subject area.

Using Our Printable Homework Charts

Using a homework chart can help take the stress out of the parental role of making sure homework is completed. When a child or teen understand what is expected and can see the chart posted as a reminder, it can provide a needed nudge. Others need more than a nudge (!) and will need to clearly understand what the expectations are to earn an incentive.

Keep it Interesting

Watch for new opportunities to celebrate your students’ successes! Give them new goals to aspire to and watch for students that are doing things above and beyond what’s expected. Look for students who are making progress, even if there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Remember that baby steps are cause for celebration, too! Aim to keep things fresh, adjusting goals, using new incentives and selecting different charts from our creative selection.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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Printable homework charts can motivate your child to do his or her homework more consistently.

Purpose of Printable Homework Charts

Why should you use printable homework charts? Structure, organization, and immediate feedback are just a few reasons why homework charts may be the answer to your prayers regarding your child's academic performance. Some kids are very organized and need little help staying on task. Others, however, have a difficult time keeping up with and staying motivated in regards to their homework. You can take away privileges, ground them, and use other forms of punishment, but until you help your child solve his or her organizational issues, you're really not solving the problem.

Using a homework chart is a simple way to help your child organize each of his assignments. The simple structure of documenting the homework may be all that your son or daughter needs to consistently turn in work. There is no substitute for that feeling of accomplishment he'll get when he is able to mark off each homework assignment that has been completed. This immediate form of feedback reinforces positive behavior, and in the long run, it will help him learn to be more responsible.

LoveToKnow Printable Homework Charts

If you need help downloading the charts, check out these helpful tips.

Homework Chart Ideas

There are numerous printable homework charts that can be accessed online, but once you find them, how do you use them? The following ideas and suggestions may work well for your child.

  • Create a notebook-The notebook can be filled with homework charts that you and your child can access together. This provides an instant checklist for you to look at whenever necessary. It might be helpful to inform your child's teacher that he is using homework charts to remain organized. The teacher might be willing (if time allows) to double check the child's notebook at the end of the period or day to be certain he has written down all of his assignments.
  • Use colors-Assign colors for each subject. If possible, you could print off charts in each subject's assigned color, or you could simply assign a color marker or pencil to be used with each subject.
  • Post the chart-Attach a file folder or a magnetic clip to your refrigerator, and place each week's homework chart in the folder or on the clip. In this manner, you and your child can't help but see the assignments that are due.
  • Add a reward system-This doesn't have to be anything elaborate. You could place stars or just a bright check mark by the assignments that have been correctly completed. After so many stars, take the family out for pizza, order a movie, or hand your child a gift certificate for a free video game rental.
  • Consider the consequences-Just as you might want to use a reward system, you might also want to address any consequences for failing to use the homework chart adequately. This could be as simple as limiting TV or phone time for one day. You'll need to come up with a plan that works with your child.
  • Review the charts-At the end of each week, spend some time with your child reviewing the homework assignments for that week. This not only emphasizes to your child the importance of organization, but it also reinforces anything that she has learned throughout the week.

Keep in mind that if you focus too much on the chart, however, your child may begin to resent it. You want this to be a positive experience, not a negative one!

Where to Find Printable Charts

The following sites offer a variety of printable charts suitable for numerous purposes. You may find that some will work for behavior issues as well.

  • Free Printable Behavior Charts offers a variety of charts, such as homework signoff sheets, checklists with or without subjects, and weekly reading charts.
  • Family Fun offers a simple homework chart for you to print.
  • Chart Jungle is a great site with lots of charts to print, including titles like "Remembered Homework", "Homework Completed", and more.
  • Education World is a great recess for a variety of educational aids, including charts, templates, assessment forms, worksheets, graphic organizers, and certificates.

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