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Year 11 Legal Studies Assignment Definition


All students in Year 11 Legal Studies will work towards achieving the following preliminary course outcomes:

P1. identifies and applies legal concepts and terminology

P2. describes the key features of Australian and international law

P3. describes the operation of domestic and international legal systems

P4. discusses the effectiveness of the legal system in addressing issues

P5. describes the role of law in encouraging cooperation and resolving conflict, as well as initiating and responding to change

P6. explains the nature of the interrelationship between the legal system and society

P7. evaluates the effectiveness of the law in achieving justice

P8. locates, selects and organises legal information from a variety of sources including legislation, cases, media,   international instruments and documents

P9. communicates legal information using well-structured responses

P10. accounts for differing perspectives and interpretations of legal information and issues

In Year 11 students will study the following topics:

Core Part I: The legal system

  • Basic legal concepts
  • Sources of contemporary Australian law
  • Classification of law
  • Law reform 
  • Law reform in action

Core Part II: The individual and the law

  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Resolving disputes
  • Contemporary issue: the individual and technology

Core Part III: Law in practice

students will study two disadvantaged focus groups in depth:
  • Women and The Law
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
For more information on the aims and outcomes of the Legal Studies curriculum students are encouraged to also look at the Legal Studies syllabus on the BOS website (Click on the link below to view the syllabus):

Board of Studies HSC Legal Studies Syllabus Stage 6.

Click on the following links to access the following student pages:

Student Legal Resources Page.Year 11 Legal Students Activities.


The society which we live in is grounded on a complex set of imperatives and regulations considered to be essential in order to protect individual as well as community rights. With a mission to represent oneself as an active citizen, it is essential to be well-informed about the rights, responsibilities and legal issues of the society. The effectiveness of law and its functioning in our society can be comprehended through extensive legal studies. Take contemporary legal studies assignment help to ease your task. Moreover, students especially law scholars can attain wide-ranging awareness about the concepts of law and jurisprudence through contemporary legal studies.

Why legal studies are important?


Human society and its environment are the chief learning domains included in legal studies. Scholars are encouraged to pursue law studies and write contemporary legal studies assignments, intended to enhance their thinking skills. Legal knowledge is not only vital for post graduation degree, but it also improves the understanding of everyday life, work and span of employment potentials. In order to take part as an active citizen in the global society, every human being should be well-read about the legal system. Nonetheless, study of law assists the scholars in undertaking critical analysis, improves their ability to conduct researches independently, augment their communication skills and improve writing skills of contemporary legal studies assignments.

Employment skills

Learning procedure of students is upgraded by embedding the subject of employment skills within the syllabus of legal studies, also included in contemporary legal studies assignments. The employment modules majorly include knowledge about planning, organizing, controlling, allocating, effective communication, collaboration etc. On research and analysis of the legal issues, the above mentioned service skills are mainly developed. Self- management is another significant part of the employment learning capabilities included in contemporary legal studies and also in contemporary legal studies assignments.


Adequate implementation of information technologies is also important while making crucial investigations in legal cases. Hence, the studies of technology also constitute considerable importance in legal system, as well in contemporary legal studies assignments.

Unit oflaw in practice’

‘Law in practice’ is a preparatory course that underpins student’s interest on investigating law cases. Moreover, law scholars develop problem solving skills while they scrutinize and recommend resolution to legal issues and emphasize them on their contemporary legal studies assignments.

Objectives and outcomes of contemporary legal studies



To make the students attain complete knowledge and command of the following concepts of legal system:


  1. Establishment and practice of international and domestic legal system
  1. The functioning of international and domestic law
  1. The consequence of legislative rules
  1. The transformation in legislative rules
  1. Correlation between law, society and justice

Legal terminologies are studied and legislative concepts are recognized and applied accordingly.

  1. Describes and explains the chief features that are included in international and domestic legal systems
  2. Analyzes and evaluates the legal system of operations of both international and domestic law
  1. The legal issues are efficiently addressed by evaluating the virtue of legal systems

4a. Demonstrates the commendable role played by law in order to resolve divergence and encourage mutual cooperation

4b. Initiates response to bring about effective changes

5a. Assesses and explains the characteristics of correlation between the society and existing legal system

5b. The usefulness and virtue of law is assessed to evaluate its potentiality to propose justice


To help students in attaining adequate skills in:


  • Research, analysis and information about the legal systems
  • Investigation to resolve legal disputes

Various reliable sources of information are selected to research and synthesis evidence of legislation, cases, legal documents, law acts, media etc.

  • Legal information is communicated by accessing the conceptual and well-framed arguments
  • Legal perceptions and interpretations are deduced to analyze the issues and information related to it.


Basic structure of contemporary legal studies

Constitute 40% core studies

Part I: Law system

  • Basic concepts of legal system
  • Sources of international and domestic contemporary laws
  • Categorization of law
  • Improvement actions of law

Part II: Crime

  • Significance of crime
  • Procedure of criminal exploration
  • Trial procedure of criminal analysis
  • Verdict and punishment
  • International and domestic crime cases
  • Juvenile lawbreakers

Constitute 30% core studies

Part III: Individual law

  • Individual rights and responsibilities
  • Dispute resolution
  • modern issues that relates to technological advancement

Part IV: Human Rights

  • characteristic of human rights
  • Development and implementation of human rights
  • Promotion of human rights

Constitute 30% core studies

Part V: Law in Practice

  • Help students to develop in-sight knowledge about legal systems
  • The significance of law principals are comprehended to students

Part VI: Other significant law areas

  • End users
  • Shelter
  • Workplace
  • People
  • Family

 Basic concepts in legal system

Contemporary legal studies assignments mainly include the following concepts.

1. Significance of the legislative system

  • The necessity of law in functioning of the society
  • The consequence of rules and regulations in society
  • Importance of correlation between various legal establishments and authority
  • The society reflected through the development of its jurisdiction
  • Influence of international legal systems on national jurisdictions

2. Categorization of law

  • Public law: It is further sub-divided into criminal, constitutional and administrative Contemporary legal studies assignments emphasize on each law.
  • Civil or private law: It is further sub-divided into contract, tort and property law; hence essential in contemporary legal studies assignments.

3. Significance of International law

  • Correspondence between international and domestic law
  • State autonomy
  • Essential legal information include regular law sources, treaties, declarations, written laws and regulations
  • Roles played by United Nations, NGOs, government bodies, courts and committee. Contemporary legal studies assignments highlight this.
  • Relevance of international law within UK, US and Australian jurisdiction

4. Modification of law

Contemporary legal studies assignments include the following conditions in law    modifications.

  • In order to transform social values, incorporation of advanced concepts of justice, implementation of advanced technologies. Contemporary legal studies assignments draw attention to it.
  • Reform agencies taking part in law improvement like the reform committees, NGO’s, commission of parliament and media. Contemporary legal studies assignments focus on the above points.

5. Dispute resolving phenomenon

  • The administrative agencies such as state police, federal and parliamentary commissions play a significant role in resolving disputes. Contemporary legal studies assignments emphasize on this.
  • Initially the disputes are resolved between: courts, committees, individuals
  • Techniques involved in resolving disputes:
i.) Legal techniques
  • External assessment that include judicial and administrative bodies, ombudsman, UK, US and Australian commission of human rights, independent tribunal against corruption , royal commission
  • Internal assessment (important in contemporary legal studies assignments)

ii.) Non- legislative techniques

- Through the associates of parliament

- Media

- Trade Unions

- Interested foundations and NGO’s

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Contemporary law issues

A wide-ranging research project and contemporary legal studies assignments are undertaken to investigate the contemporary issues of legal system. The course of contemporary legal studies and contemporary legal studies assignments emphasize on undertaking intricate research and analysis on advanced legal system, include legal essays and contemporary legal studies assignments writing with a focus to develop in-sight knowledge about the various legal issues in students. This will assist students to develop their skills in exploring authoritative case studies, ability to use the legal research techniques effectively, enhance capability to analyze complicated legal subjects, demonstrate the critical areas, evaluation of facts and evidence to support findings, composing contemporary legal studies assignments, etc.

In contrary to this, significant contemporary legal issues that are discussed in contemporary legal studies assignments are:

1. Law of Immigration

This law basically includes the consequences of unlawful immigration. Similarly, the history and environment of unlawful immigration is analyzed in this panel, and composed in contemporary legal studies assignments. This particular program essentially considers the legal, political and economical issues to illegitimate immigration and mainly encompasses the issues that may arise due to the lack of indefinite immigration policies. Avail contemporary legal studies assignments help 24*7!

2. Cyber legal order

This program is advanced with a focus to resolve the internet or cases of cyber crime. The history and framework of cyber court are discussed in this law, as well in contemporary legal studies assignments. The various areas of concern in cyber law include the ways to establish personal jurisdiction, the pros and cons of cyber court actions. Moreover, case related to cyber crimes or internet disputes are proposed to cyber court. Get contemporary legal studies assignments help from MyAssignmenthelp.com!

3. Labor law

This legal concern mainly deals with the issues of labor strike, bargain power of workers, etc. Moreover, this situation dictates the background of labor movement in UK, US and Australian jurisdiction, primarily included in contemporary legal studies assignments. In addition, it pays a keen attention to the communal bargaining agreement under which the majority of workers are functioning, the latest strike practiced by labors, the collective steps taken against the law by Union workers. Contemporary legal studies assignments stress on another significant area of this panel, that encompasses the issues of collective bargaining, bargain of cost, strikes advanced by workers to facilitated negotiation, goals of workers Union and their expected outcome.

4. Criminal law

This essentially concentrates on issues related to criminal cases. In order to evaluate the findings, adequate investigation is proposed by law. Contemporary legal studies assignments highlight the investigations help to evaluate the victims; circumstances and situations respective to the murder, place and time the incident took place. Moreover, the criminal law incorporates a series of investigation to detain the accused. Nonetheless, the informer, police and society play an important role to execute the legal process and propose justice to the complainant. Students composing contemporary legal studies assignments should stress on criminal law.

5. Law against copyright

This segment essentially considers the cases of intellectual property and incorporates strict regulations against materials that are pirated. Law of copyright reflects on the issues of documentary plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, piracy of music or videos, etc. Such issues are proposed with cut-edge solutions in contemporary legal studies assignments by implementing protection on copyright.

6. Domestic law

The domestic legislation encompasses laws about same sex marriage, marital disputes, religious interest of marriages etc. Moreover, the domestic legislation discusses about the religious and legal definition of marriage, considers the consequences of an illegitimate marriage on society, the important jurisdictions for and against same sex marriage. As suggested by our contemporary legal studies assignments experts, the domestic law also deals with the protection to equal rights of marriage, incorporation of adequate rules and regulations with a focus to address and solve the marriage related issues. Get cheap contemporary legal studies assignments help from MyAssignmenthelp.com!

7. Theft of Identity

This is a law that deals with the evidences of identity theft in society and its extensive impact on society. The various categorization of identity theft is discussed in this law as well in contemporary legal studies assignments along with the impact of it on individuals, society and businesses. This domain also proffers rules to address the crisis of identity theft in addition to the tips provided to prevent it.

8. Business ethics and laws

This is a system to judge the legal and ethical practice of businesses. The unethical conduct of businesses can have disastrous consequences on society and individuals. Contemporary legal studies assignments include the example of world’s 7th largest company; Enron is noteworthy in this regard. The company was severely bankrupted due to its demoralizing and unethical management of internal and external shareholders.

Do students experience difficulty in contemporary legal studies assignments?

The course of contemporary legal studies introduces pre-eminent legal issues and intricate subject matter respective to the contemporary viewpoint. However, the law scholars are required to design the contemporary legal studies assignments in a way to effectively present the legal researches respective to the contemporary aspects. In order to accomplish a well-structured contemporary legal studies assignments, students are needed to focus on the contemporary movements advanced by the legal systems, challenges imposed by diverse doctrines of legislature, various aspects of private and public law, rights and responsibilities, contracts and torts etc. It is evident that writing contemporary legal essay assignment is not an essay task as it seem, rather it involves intricate research on the entire legal system.

Needless to say, legal essay help or legal homework help are the convenient options that help students to attain their complicated contemporary legal studies assignments.

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