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Charlotte Mainessays

Essay writing process

How to write a research essay

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How to write a introduction for an essay

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How do i write an essay

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Write an essay for me

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Graphic Narrative is a general term for Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Manga, Bandes Dessinées, Novelas Em Quadrinhos, Sequential Art, and even the Bayeux Tapestry. This seminar enrolls both advanced undergraduates (in ENGLISH 417 Senior Seminar, 4 credits) and graduate students (in ENGLISH 549 Contemporary Literature, 3 credits). We will use both primary and secondary readings to explore the modern history and theory of the field, the sociology of the field, and a rich assortment of excellent examples of many literary types within the field.

The written work consists of a daily reading journal, a shorter essay (1500-2400 words, which is approximately 5-8 double-spaced pages of text depending on font size and margins and excluding included images) and a longer essay (3000-4500 words, which is approximately 10-15 pages). In all three assignments, students are expected to consider both the form and the content of the materials read and to strive for insights that go substantially beyond the discussion in class. The shorter essay should be on a graphic (not chapter) children's book, and the longer essay should be either on some general aspect of graphic narrative (e.g., the use of framing, the use of thought bubbles, the use of color, the techniques of visual allusion, palimpsest, collage, the varieties of irony, the relations between drawing style and meaning, the handling of a specific theme, the uses of a specific image, cultural constraints on meaning, etc.) or on some aspect of the work of a single important graphic narrative artist, series, or genre. These essay projects require reading beyond that in the syllabus and consultation with and permission of the instructor. In the reading journal, students are expected to record

  1. any extrinsic details potentially relevant to a critical discussion of the work (including at least type of work, name and nationality of writer and/or illustrator, date and place of publication, publisher, format),
  2. observations as one reads, including page references and quotes (which may need to include photocopies), and
  3. conclusions and/or hypotheses and/or questions that seem noteworthy after reviewing (a) and (b) and perhaps the work as well.

The journals should be hand-written with two-inch margins all around because these journals will be exchanged at the beginning of each class meeting, read by a fellow student, and the contents commented on in the margins. The journal should be kept in a spiral-bound notebook into which can be glued copies of graphics if needed. Students should use these journals not only as a record of their reading of syllabus materials but also of any other course-related materials, and as a place to keep class notes and to record and sometimes work out essay topic ideas. When the journals are submitted at the end of the term, they should be accompanied by a printed, double-spaced, two-to-three page self-analysis of the worth (both educational and in terms of grade) of the journal to the student. The course grades will be based on participation (25%), journal + self-analysis (25%), children's book essay (20%), general essay (30%).

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