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Scm Assignment Sheet




Define & Discuss the value chain of your organization Selected organization: -


Brandix:- the Brandix group has pioneered the concept of holistic apparel solutions from a unique, customer- centric standpoint since its inception in the year 2002. Its unconventional approach to a conventional sector has propelled Brandix to the forefront of the industry as the single largest apparel exporter in Sri Lanka with a turnover of US $ 600 Mn. The public limited

company‟s fast expanding network of factories and offices span

across the south Asian sub-continent. The first company in Sri L

anka‟s apparel sector to pioneer the concept of „

total solutions’


Brandix is now considered a preferred solutions provider to some of the world‟s leading apparel

 brands situated in the UK, US and parts of Europe. The group specialized In manufacturing casual bottom , intimate apparel, underwear, lounge and sleepwear, bras, woven and knitted fabric and host of apparel industry accessories. A backward and forward integrated operations, the

company manufactures its own

 fabric,  buttons treads and hangers, lending it a tactical edge in the apparel sector Our group-wide initiatives to achieve manufacturing and supply chain excellence, close collaboration with our suppliers, and sales offices at the customer's doorstep all guarantee fast and flexible solutions from the source to your stores. This core strength future reinforces our advance researches and development, outstanding design, fabric printing, washing, dyeing, wet processing, finishing and relentless quality control services with fastest turnaround time. Embedding and integrating these services into seamless verticality is the value chain we offer our customers The key value additions we offers are

Speed and flexibility

Right cost





The purpose of this document is to introduce how the account assignment is used in service. 


 The usage, prerequisites and features of account assignment in service.


When procuring external services, you specify via the account assignment category the account assignment objects (for example, cost center, sales order, project etc.) to which postings are to be made. These objects are then debited at the time of service acceptance. Account assignments are specified for services at the service line and value limit levels.


In purchasing documents, you maintain the account assignment category at item level. In the service entry sheet you maintain it at header level. The account assignment categories correspond to those used in the procurement of materials.


Account Assignment Category 'U' (Unknown)
When services are procured, you do not yet know which accounts are to be debited, you can use the account assignment category 'U' up until the creation of a service entry sheet.

Multiple account assignment screen:
The multiple account assignment screen is unavailable for blanket            
purchase orders and blanket purchase requisitions, this function is not provided in the R/3 Standard System.  

Change account assignment information:
In a purchase order for services or a blanket purchase order, the  specifications on the account assignment do not refer to the item data, but to the corresponding service line or the specified limit. To change the account assignment, proceed as follows:                                        

    o  Open the purchase order in the change mode.                                 

    o  Open the 'Services' or 'Limits' tab title.                                  

    o  Press pushbutton 'Account assignment'                                    

Proceed in the same way for purchase requisitions.                                                     

It is not possible to change the account assignment category for service items with account assignment category other than 'U'. For purchase documents for external services the account assignment is processed on the level of services. For one item there can be several services with different account assignments. Therefore a change of the account assignment on item level is not possible. A change of the account assignment category is excluded in the coding for items of external services.

It is hardcoded in program:
SAPLMECO, in include LMECOU04 :

 *   Dienstleistungspositionen nicht ändern

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