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Essay Writing My Best Holiday Ever

I will never forget this year’s holidays. At first I thought these holidays would be very boring, because I was going at the seaside with my family. I fought I would be looking forward to come back to school, but I was wrong. I can say my holidays were one of the best in my life.

The beginning was quite boring, but on the 15th of July I went with my parents and my family by the sea. We spent 3 weeks there! We lived at nice, but quite expensive hotel, I think. Our accomodation was in a really good condition. There were two rooms, huge bathroom, terrace with jacuzzi and a swimming-pool in the front of the builing. The hotel was near the sea, it was really comfortable. Sometimes we were going back from the beach late at night, quite tired and hungry. During those three weeks I met a lot of interesting and kind people. In fact, I spent with them most of the time. They have become my friends. We were building sandcastles, we were swimming, we visited many interesting places and we were sunbathing. We were also doing many wild things, it was unforgettable. The weather was great- every morning I was waking up to a deep blue sky and blazing sun. Only one day it was raining, but the rain was quite warm.

I enjoyed my holidays. It was great for my health. I was lying on a beach and relaxing... All tensions disappeared. This year’s holidays were worth remembering.

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I had the most amazing holiday of all in Sri Lanka! My friend and I spent almost two months away from home in three countries, the last month in Sri Lanka. Over the years we have travelled as ageing backpackers in sixty countries and thought that this would be our last trip. Our time in Sri Lanka was so great that I would like to come back!

First impressions were that it was a lot cleaner, less crowded, less aggressive and the traffic easier than our experience of India. By the end of the trip we felt that we knew some of the people very well and were overwhelmed by their kindness and gentleness.

We had had an exhilirating time in Malaysia, especially snorkelling on Little Kecil, and in Laos so thought that we would have a quiet time on tour in Sri Lanka. Our tour was worked out with a driver recommended by a friend who visits often and it was just wonderful. We went straight from the airport to Anuradhapura for three days, then to Trincomalee where we stayed at Lotus Hotel in a beachside cabana to best enjoy the beach. Highlights were the sunrise, fishing boats, lazy beach days. After that we went to Habarana for two days. The elephants in the National Park were a joy to see and such fun too. Climbing Sigiriya was a challenge but the views from the top . . simply beautiful. After that we went to Kandy where the Temple of the Tooth was stunning when lit up at night. Enjoyed the Cultural Show. Loved bathing the elephants at the sanctuary - something to remember for a long time. After that we had three days in Ella where we did lots of walking and enjoying the landscapes.

Our final week was the highlight of our holiday. We spent it in a small village up in the hills in a guesthouse owned by a friend's family. We were totally looked after with different foods cooked for us for every meal. I just loved the enticing aromas coming from the kitchen. Tried everything. Loved everything. The guesthouse is beside a lovely river and we loved to swim, sit and read or watch for birds or the waterboatmen skimming on top of the water. Took lots of walks up the hill to the village school and temple and met many friendly village folk along the way. Walked through tea and rubber fields. Met a hermit nun in a cave near the top of the mountain. Another guest took us in his jeep to the top of the opposite mountain - a 6 hour trip with 89 hairpin bends! On a clear day you can apparently see Colombo in the distance. Got invited to a wedding at the guesthouse. Also to a funeral which we found very interesting and honoured to be included. We were very sad when our holiday here came to an end.

We stayed at Negombo for our last two days. Very interesting place and not what we expected with all the churches. We hired bikes and had a great time.

Our tour guide for the first part of our trip was really excellent and we felt very safe with him. He is very knowledgeable, articulate, accommodating and assisted us so much. Like me, he is a keen photographer and pointed out things I would otherwise have missed. All our guesthouses which were arranged by our guide were lovely and the food delicious. I didn't eat anything western all the time in the country!

Must add that we were travelling with light bags and travelled by tuk tuk from our guesthouse to Gampaha where we had lunch with another of our new friends who had been staying at the guesthouse before continuing to Negombo. This was great fun! We loved the experience. I will be back!

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