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Eng101 Assignment No 2-20159 Oil Filter

ENG 101 Solved Midterm Past papers 

Here is ENG101 English Comprehension Midterm Past papers Solved Subjectives Collection for Students of Virtual University of Pakistan (VU).

Download ENG101 Solved Midterm Past Papers

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ENG101 Midterm Past Paper -2015

Here You can get ENG101 English Comprehension midterm past papers, download ENG101 midterm solved papers also download ENG101 final term papers and ENG101 final term solved papers.

1.He wanted to join the navy _____ his parents did not allow him to. 

2. She employs a maid to do _____ the cooking _____ washing for her family.  

  • neither…nor
  • both…and
  • either…and
  • both…then

3. She ......... working on that manuscript for 2 years now. 

  • is
  • has been
  • had been
  • will be

4. The invitation is for two persons, so _____ Jack _____ his wife can attend the function. 

  • neither…nor ,
  • either…or,
  • both…or ,
  • both…and

5. Pauline says there is nothing relaxing about chopping wood, swatting mosquitoes, and cooking over a wood stove. 

  • Compound Sentence
  • Complex Sentence
  • Simple Sentence
  • Compound-Complex Sentence

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