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Global Warming Research Paper Proposal Outline

Fourth Claim Paragraph



Research by [name of expert or research group] established another fact proving the [reality/unreality] of global warming: [Insert direct quote from research that supports your thesis.]



  • Measurable changes in the sea level, air temperature and atmospheric gas levels confirm a warming trend.
  • A warming trend in our climate is causing the melting of earth's glaciers and ice caps which will cause the sea levels to rise and pose an imminent threat to coastal regions.
  • The health of the ocean is failing due to increased temperature, causing mass deaths of fish and the overgrowth of dangerous algae. 
  • Models used by scientists to predict climate change generally show an overall warming trend. 


  • Scientific research does not prove that a current warming trend suggests imminent danger.
  • There is not a large enough body of research to support the theories. 
  • There is not enough historical data available. 
  • The models used by scientists to predict climate change are unreliable and many have been proven wrong. 


EasyBib Guide to Global Warming Research


NASA Home Page for Climate Change


U.S. Global Change Research Program Home Page


Global Climate Change -Spring 2004

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Peer Review is a fundamental component of doing science.To help make your projects more scientifically sound, you are being called upon to put forward your ideas, proposals, lab packets and final report as well as provide feedback to your peers.

Remember: Look at theGlobal Climate Change Syllabus for details on the specifics to be included in your proposal. Make sure it is complete! Use the outline below as a guide! I expect your proposal to be no shorter than 5 pages in length, plus references.

I'm sooooo Confused!

If you are still somewhat confused (and who wouldn't be!), pretend that I am the all-knowing Global Climate Change Funding God. There will be 100 proposals submitted, but, I am only going to fund the most relevant ten proposals out of the entire batch! Convince my funding review board that your proposals are worthy of funding. Only the very finest efforts will receive the cash necessary to investigate Global climate Change. So,....now is the time to strut your stuff!

Proposal Structure

IMPT: An Executive Summary/Abstract of Your Proposal (half page) should be placed before your introductory paragraph in the Introduction

1. Introduction

  1. Purpose/Problem. What is/are your specific hypothesis(es)?
  2. What do you plan to accomplish?
  3. Relevance, if any. How does your research connect with other aspects of our Climate Change Course?

2. Relevance of your research question

    --Literature Review--What have others done? Place your work in the context of the literature. This section should be quite extensive! This BACKGROUND SYNTHESIS will serve as the foundation for your work! All strong proposals provide a SOLID BACKGROUND of knowledge that dovetails and supports your research effort.
    --a minimum of 12 Library/Journal references. Be sure to include a brief explanation as to why you selected each source.
    --a minimum of 5 website references that are pertinent to your study. Make sure the URLs are "Hot" links in your proposal posting (see instructions below). Also, be sure to include a brief explanation as to why you selected these specific websites.
  1. How does your research relate to a larger question?

3. Materials and Methods

All research projects must include the analysis and interpetation of data. You may use your own data, or, you may use data generated by others. While this may seem awkward at first because you may not be generating the data yourself, the data can easily be compiled from the work of others. What, you might ask!!! Isn't that plagerism? This practice is very common in science when looking at research questions from a different perspective. All one needs to do is credit the original source (s) of the data and take it from there! Use whatever data you find to address your own research question(s).
  1. What is your research design? Is it statistically sound?
  2. Describe important materials and how they will be used.
  3. Describe other methods.
  4. Have you included a Data Sheet?
  5. Include a specific time-line of research execution

4. Results (To be included in your final report)

  1. Observations
  2. Tables (numerical data) and figures (graphs, drawings, etc.) when appropriate

5. Discussion & Conclusions(In your final report)

  1. Interpret your results, explaining why you got the results you did.
  2. Think beyond the project. What additional questions do you have?
  3. What suggestions do you have for further investigation?

Global Climate Change Research Proposals:

  • Draft 2. Species Distribution and Climate Change (4/2/04 )[ Contributor: Brad Shumaker and Chelsea Nagy]
  • Draft 2: Milankovitch Cycles (4/2/04 )[ Contributor: Jesse Murphy, Rob Greene]
  • Draft 3 Global Climate Change and Primary Productivity (4/1/04 )[ Contributor: Jenny Gatt and Kari Panza]
  • Draft 2 Agriculture Proposal(the real one...): HTML code typed in window... Hopefully this works! (4/1/04 )[ Contributor: Matt Carity, John Miller]
  • Draft 2: Agriculture Proposal (4/1/04 )[ Contributor: Matt Carity, John Miller]
  • Draft 3 Snowball Fun! (4/1/04 )[ Contributor: Lisa Headen Chelsea Dorman]
  • Draft 2: Snowball Fun! (3/31/04 )[ Contributor: Lisa Headen, Chelsea Dorman]
  • Effects of El Nino and La Nina on Hurricane Development (3/11/04 )[ Contributor: Kimberly Carvey, Diana Maikut, Joel Leer]
  • Draft 1: Milankovitch Cycles (3/9/04 )[ Contributor: Rob Greene, Jesse Murphy]
  • (3/9/04 )[ Contributor: ]
  • Draft 1 - Agriculture (3/9/04 )[ Contributor: Matt Carity, John Miller]
  • Change in Bird Spatial Distribution in Relation to Climate Change (3/9/04 )[ Contributor: Chelsea Nagy, Brad Shumaker]
  • Draft 2: Global Climate Change and Primary Productivity (3/8/04 )[ Contributor: Jenny Gatt and Kari Panza]
  • Climatic Implications of Tropical & Boreal Deforestation (3/8/04 )[ Contributor: Melissa Hamann and Dave Smith]

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