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Typeonline Lesson 3 Homework

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Read typing Tutorial and learn how to type | touch typing

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Sense-lang Typing Tutor:

There is more than one way to practice touch typing and become a fast and efficient touch typist. Follow the touch typing tutorials steps and choose the method that suits you the best:

  1. Traditional typing tutor practice – learn typing with our moderated and structured touch typing tutorials and keypad tutorials. These free touch typing tutorial online will, step by step, guide you for the keys location and through, eventually, memorizing letters and numbers on your keyboard and numeric keypad.
  2. Take a typing test! At any phase of practicing, test your performance to seek weakness points and determine typing rate and accuracy level. Then, practice these weaknesses with the assistance of the typing tutors. After all, each typing tutorial is working on a new group of characters.
  3. Those who look for a fun process are welcome to the free typing games area, where mastering the keyboard is combined with refining accuracy and speed skills. Each game was exclusively developed for Sense-lang based on the touch typing tutors principles.
  4. Looking to optimize the learning process? Try out our premium touch typing course which contains value added features (audio tutorials, statistics, more games…) in an advertisement free environment. Download "Certification". This free feature, just like the typing test, points out weakness points and reflects the typing level. However, with "Certification", your score is printed on a fancy diploma which is signed by the website. Can you achieve a higher score? Repeat the free typing tutorial and try again.

We at FreeTypingGame.Net are committed to bringing you high quality, fun and interactive free touch typing games, free touch typing lessons, and free touch typing tests. Our free typing tutor has 30 different typing lessons progressively teaching the keyboard. We award a printable certificate on completion! Take a look at our timed typing test or our certificate typing test. The tests and games have 40 lessons, 10 are based on classic stories to make the typing test more natural. Our typing lessons will educate on many levels, offering commonly misspelled words and foreign language words. Learning to touch type has never been more fun or exciting. Standardized typing methods have their place, such as key, hand, and finger based lessons. However, a fun and entertaining keyboarding game will often motivate some learners over traditional lesson based typing tutors, so we teach typing using our original free typing games. We have also found that the ability to compete against others with our realtime worldwide scoreboard can motivate some to type faster, type more accurately, and enjoy playing our free typing games.

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