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Cerebral Palsy Essay examples

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Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy (CP) is brain damage. It cannot be cured, it is not contagious, it is not a disease, and it does not get worse. According to Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, "Cerebral Palsy is a broad term for various nonprogressive disorders of motor function in people, resulting from brain damage around the time of birth. Damage to the brain could occur before, during, or shortly after birth"(“Cerebral”). Since the damage is done during the brain’s formation, and occurs in the part of the brain that controls motor and muscle functions, people with CP might have problems with motor skills, muscle tone, muscle weakness, reflexes, balance, excessive drooling, difficulties swallowing or speaking, shaking, tremors, and…show more content…

Because CP describes a group of neurological and physical abnormalities, people affected by the disorder may have other neurological and physical problems. CP may not be noticeable at birth. Children with CP develop predictable developmental milestones slowly because of their motor impairments, and these delays in reaching milestones are usually the first symptoms (Gale Enc). Doctors diagnose CP by checking the infant’s motor skills, looking for developmental delays, and considering the child’s medical history. Many Doctors use the Early Motor Pattern Profile (EMPP) to help in their evaluations. The EMPP indicates variations in muscle tone, reflexes, and movement and is used to identify children during the first year of life who are at risk for the development of CP. The EMPP can be done during a routine office visit. Observation and minimal handling can detect abnormal motor patterns, making it quick and inexpensive. EMPP is the beginning of evaluation and intervention (“Early” 692). CP is a neurological disorder affecting motor control. It is the most common physical disability in childhood. It is a lifelong condition that varies from person to person. It can be very mild or extremely severe. There is no known cure, and the cause is not completely understood. The four main categories of CP are spastic, athetoid, ataxic, and mixed. Spastic is stiff and difficult movement. Athetoid is involuntary and uncontrolled movement. Ataxic is a disturbed sense of balance and

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Essay Ithaca by C.P. Cavafy

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Ithaca by C.P. Cavafy

Everyone is given the opportunity to take the odyssey that is "life, however it is important to make the journey as memorable as one possibly can. The poem "Ithaca" by C.P. Cavafy suggests that what is most important in life is the experience that is incorporated with the journey, not necessarily just reaching the ultimate goal. It is the quest, not the destination which matters most. This message is conveyed through the poem through the use of allusion, myth and symbolism.

The poem, "Ithaca", is based loosely around the great epic the Odyssey by ancient Greek poet Homer. In the Odyssey the character
Odysseus trying to make his way home to his kingdom, Ithaca. The character faces many vicious creatures…show more content…

References to the Odyssey evoke thoughts of going on a journey, which may include obstacles, new experiences and the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge. This is central to what the poem "Ithaca" is suggesting about the journey of life. The journey of life is all about the experiences that one encounters, the knowledge that is gained, and the deeper appreciation for the journey, not just for attaining the goal. The poem is somewhat faithful to the myth of the Odyssey. C.P. Cavafy does not distort the myth in any way, but rather leaves out many of the events that occurred in the Odyssey that perhaps were not relevant to the central theme being portrayed. The general idea of the journey to Ithaca is kept intact throughout the poem. The central theme of the poem "Ithaca" is based on the meaning of life, and the journey that one takes through life. The importance of "[praying] that the road is long" (line 10) is stressed continually throughout the poem. The poet emphasizes the idea that one should not "hurry the voyage at all" (line 23). Experience and wisdom are gained throughout time and the aging process. It is also learned through the poem that it is important to take time for things that one finds enjoyable. Such things as "mother-of-pearl and corals" (line 16) represent those things which make us joyful. It is suggested that one is supposed to enjoy and obtain

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