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Soil Pollution Diagram Assignment

  • Proper dumping of unwanted materials: Excess wastes by man and animals pose a disposal problem. Open dumping is the most commonly practiced technique. Nowadays, controlled tipping is followed for solid waste disposal. The surface so obtained is used for housing or sports field.

  • Production of natural fertilizers: Bio-pesticides should be used in place of toxic chemical pesticides. Organic fertilizers should be used in place of synthesized chemical fertilizers. Ex: Organic wastes in animal dung may be used to prepare compost manure instead of throwing them wastefully and polluting the soil.

  • Proper hygienic condition: People should be trained regarding sanitary habits.

    Ex: Lavatories should be equipped with quick and effective disposal methods.

  • Public awareness: Informal and formal public awareness programs should be imparted to educate people on health hazards by environmental education.

    Ex: Mass media, Educational institutions and voluntary agencies can achieve this.

  • Recycling and Reuse of wastes: To minimize soil pollution, the wastes such as paper, plastics, metals, glasses, organics, petroleum products and industrial effluents etc should be recycled and reused.

    Ex: Industrial wastes should be properly treated at source. Integrated waste treatment methods should be adopted.

  • Ban on Toxic chemicals: Ban should be imposed on chemicals and pesticides like DDT, BHC, etc which are fatal to plants and animals. Nuclear explosions and improper disposal of radioactive wastes should be banned.

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