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Unc Kenan Flagler Essays 2012 Nfl

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  • MBA News You Need: Booth Black Out Day, NFL Players at Ross, Tuck’s Energy Initiatives, and More

    Each week we collect all the MBA news that’s fit to print and give you a quick overview of the latest trending topics from top schools around the world.

    Here’s your quick MBA News You Need digest for the week of March 1, 2018.

    Chicago Booth MBA Students Dress in Black for Equality

    Last week’s Black Out Day saw Chicago Booth MBA students wear all black to commemorate Black History Month. Black Out Day was organized by the African-American MBA Association (AMBAA) to draw attention to the continued struggle for equality in America. The event wasn’t just about the fight for justice in black communities but about promoting awareness of the struggles that all marginalized communities contend with.

    Learn more on The Booth Experience website.

    NFL Players Learn Business at Michigan Ross

    What do Sunday night football and business school have in common? The third annual NFL Business Academy at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Each year, the academy brings together NFL players for a unique, four-day experience that unpacks the best practices for business management, real estate, entrepreneurship, and franchising. The goal: to help NFL players in their career transition process.

    “The players imagining their life post-football know that going into business is an important option for them and their families and a great way to contribute to their communities as well,” said Francine LaFontaine, senior associate dean for faculty and research and faculty director of the NFL Business Academy. “We look forward to sharing our insights on how players can position themselves and get the tools they need to explore different types of business opportunities.”

    Check out the comprehensive program, which includes lectures, group discussions, visits to the field, and action-based projects, by heading to Michigan Ross News.

    Wharton Accepts Applications for Deferred Admissions Program

    For any University of Pennsylvania undergrads who plan to pursue an MBA, now is your chance to get a leg up on the competition. Announced last spring, the Moelis Advance Access Program is a deferred admission program open to all Penn undergraduates who would like to earn their MBA in the future. Admitted students enjoy a two- to four-year deferment period to obtain work experience before entering the business school classroom.

    Applications are open now. Learn more and apply for the Moelis Advance Access Program today.

    Yale SOM MBA Students Create Their Own Custom Exchange Programs

    Yale School of Management (SOM)’s membership in the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) allows its MBA students to create their own custom exchange programs and spend a quarter or a semester at another school of their choice. A consortium of 32 business schools across six continents, GNAM was launched by Yale SOM Dean Edward Snyder in 2012. Giving students the opportunity to take classes and electives at other member schools is just one of the ways the network seeks to leverage the schools’ competitive advantages and drive innovation in graduate management education.

    “You can use the Global Network to customize your own curriculum,” explained Camino de Paz, managing director of global programs at Yale SOM. “This experience is not only about the coursework, but also about the expertise in a region and being on the ground and being able to take full advantage of it. If a student has an idea, we’re more than happy to meet with them and see if we can make it happen.”

    Learn more about this unique opportunity on the Yale SOM News page.

    Dartmouth Tuck Thrives in Energy

    Dartmouth Tuck MBA students have found themselves on the cutting edge of the booming $6 trillion energy sector. According to April Salas, executive director of Tuck’s Revers Center for Energy, “There’s no better time to take part in the business transformation of energy.”

    The Revers Center is just one example of how Tuck prepares its MBA students for a challenging career in energy. There are a number of opportunities for students to delve into energy, including the Tesla Case Competition; a mentorship program that pairs students with Tuck alumni who are leaders in energy; and the new Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth.

    To read stories of Tuck alumni working in energy and to discover more about opportunities for MBA students, read Tuck’s Energy Boom.

    UCLA Anderson Alumnae Get Help Re-Launching Their Careers

    Many people need reprieves from the working world at one time or another, but women looking to re-launch their careers after time out from the workforce can meet challenges. UCLA Anderson’s Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) seeks to change that for alumnae with its new Career Re-LAUNCH initiative. Inspired by two alumnae with first-hand experience taking time away from work, the program helps women explore opportunities to start their career again after a prolonged absence from the workforce.

    Women who participate in the program will receive guidance, training, and resources to help their career re-entry efforts. The 25 women who already have taken part have benefited from group coaching and sessions on resumes, interviewing, narrative workshops, and networking. Find out more on the UCLA Anderson Blog.

    Kellogg and Booth Help Fuel the Chicago Startup Scene

    Chicago hasn’t always been a haven for tech startups. In fact, 10 years ago the city’s entrepreneurial scene was almost non-existent. But today Chicago is a consistent leader in venture capital returns thanks in no small part to Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Not only do these universities employ around 2,4000 STEM postdoctoral researchers who apply their talent to the Chicago ecosystem, but together they are also the fourth largest producer of MBAs in the country.

    The impact on the Chicago community extends beyond talent incubation. These schools are also known for constantly churning out high-value companies. Kellogg ventures include 4C Insights, which raised $26 million, and Aptinyx, which raised $65 million. And Chicago Booth helped incubate GrubHub, which went public in 2014, and BrainTree, which sold to PayPal for $800 million.

    Discover how Booth and Kellogg continue to impact the Chicago startup scene in the full article on Forbes.

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    Schools: Dartmouth / Tuck, Michigan / Ross, Northwestern / Kellogg, U. Chicago Booth, UCLA Anderson, UPenn / Wharton, Yale SOM


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